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What is Exit Planning?

It is the project that I work on with business owners with the goal of planning and executing all the possibilities for exiting their business. From the beginning, you will know, as the owner, every possible alternative for getting out or transitioning, maximizing the value of your company, minimizing tax costs and ensuring your personal and financial future. The process ensures that the business reaches its highest possible worth, making you feel free the moment you, as the owner, choose to make that transition; you, as the owner, decide when to do it.

And if you change your mind and decide not to leave or transition, we will still increase the value of your company.

Some of the owner’s objectives on which the Exit Plan will be based

  • Be able to leave or transition the business according to your wish:
    how much longer do you want to be active in your company?
  • Create financial security for you and your family.
    Think about the flow of money after paying taxes.
  • Is it possible, under the current market, to close a deal in (full) cash or in installments? Who should get the business?
  • Who do you want to transfer your company to? A son? Family members? A key employee? A partner? Or maybe a third (external) party who will surely pay a better price?

When does Exit Planning start?

An Exit Plan begins when the owner of a company starts considering exiting his role in the business. This can happen as a response to a particular moment in their life or the wish to leave the business and start another that involves new challenges; or simply to start a new cycle in their life that might be better than the previous one.

These scenarios involve lots of questions and uncertainty. The role of the Exit Planning Advisor is to follow and supervise the process from a multidisciplinary approach, closely and confidentially, gathering and coordinating the best team of specialists in areas as diverse as accounting, legal, tax, technology, family experts and/or disciplines that are necessary according to the profile of the company, the family group or the owner.


Your company increases its value
while watching you grow

The process is based on a Value Acceleration methodology that focuses on increasing company value from day one. This makes it a business strategy. The owner can decide when and how to make the transition or exit decision in the best possible conditions, knowing every alternative.


What are my exit options?
To sell or to exit is not the only way out

An Exit Plan evaluates all options: sell to a partner; make a transition with a family member; sell to employees; sell to a third party, whether they’re a strategic buyer or not; public share offering; Investment Funds, among the main options.
Other alternatives would arise from the valuation of the company. It’s possible and valid for the process to change, as is the decision of the owner about a selected transition alternative.

How long does the process take?

The Exit Plan doesn’t depend on how long it takes you, as an owner, to decide or execute the decision to “transition”. You can put it in action whenever you want.
Exit planning projects can last for years, but our methodology entails setting new stages every three months. We ask questions quarterly: we can either continue with the project, increasing its value; or perhaps you as the owner decide to take one or more of the alternatives to proceed with an exit; or the project can be suspended or terminated.

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What owners say…

“I feel like I am carrying a lot of weight on my back.”

“I lost the passion I once had”

“I think I have reached a stage in my life where I would like to reap what I sowed in so many years of work and have some fun, travelling, family, and just enjoy.”

“I have had, or am having, health and life quality problems and want a change”

“I would like to do a neat and orderly process to transfer my company to my successors.”

“We are having problems between partners that we didn’t have before and maybe the best option is to think about other possibilities.”

“I received some purchase offerings and I’m evaluating proposals for selling and leaving because …”

“I want to grow the business, sell it and start another stage!”

I started out as an auditor, and then I worked as a Business consultant. After that, I owned my Company for seventeen years, I shared business with partners and had many different experiences: buying and selling companies, shareholder agreements, opening in different countries, and leading the business.

Since 2011 I’ve been working only with business owners.

This kind of work led me to carry out different activities in 2017 related to how to sell, transitioning along with family, how to make a company transferrable, among other issues. In my restlessness, I thought that somewhere in the world there would be an existing methodology, something that was already acting as a service for company Owners.

Thus, I discovered the EPI (Exit Planning Institute) and the certification I carried out as CEPA (Certified Exit Planning Advisor), that is, as a certified consultant in “Exit Planning”.


Other services

The participation in Boards of Directors—which involves adding a fresh, external, independent and professional vision—along with the contribution of knowledge, experiences and contacts, makes this service of high value for the Owner Companies especially: medium-sized companies that do not commonly have access to new ideas, alternatives or possibilities.

In many companies, there isn’t anyone who can give an opinion that questions or contradicts the owner. As an Independent Director I have the possibility to ask the questions that others might not. In the Directory the strategy of the company is raised, then the executives with their teams are responsible for “executing”. There is a process involving accountability and assistance, clarifying doubts and problems, and then focusing on how we can collaborate to solve or remove any obstacles that might appear.

I have experience in countless companies as an auditor, then as a consultant and, lastly, running a company and group of companies.

During my years as an entrepreneur and owner/shareholder, I boosted the company, going from five to six consultants to about 1,000 throughout the Latin American Region.
I’ve participated, while being part of the company, as a seller and as a buyer of these companies. I’ve also had the role of buying and selling other companies to integrate the group or to sell shares, or any company, to a third party. Having taken part in the selling and running of the company since the beginning, I ensured that it was fully transferrable as well as reinforced by the experience of all my previous studies. I continue to carry out my experiences and am passionate about communicating them to others!
Furthermore, I studied and trained to be an Ontological Coach at the Leadership Training School, where I got certified in 2014. With this training, I obtained another skillset, which I put into practice by providing coaching and consulting services to companies, which is where my know-how can be put to use.
Thanks to all this personal and academic baggage, I can reduce, and empathize with, the feeling of loneliness that comes when the owner is in that position; certain issues they have no one to share with, no one to challenge them or give them a different perspective, or help them think and rethink their strategies from a different point of view.

That’s what I call it because that’s how I experienced it. I felt like an owner who was wearing their helmet inside the trenches; doing everything I could, as do owners in the beginning.

Then, of course, in order to grow I formed teams, I looked for people who would be better than me. I was able to get out; not only that: I learned that the key is how we put together our companies so that they work independently from ourselves. Suddenly, they can become transferrable.  Now, as a consultant, I am dedicated to helping owners cross these roads and take small (and big) jumps to evolve and grow both personally and professionally, and so that their companies and their people develop.

More information

About me

CPA, (UB), CEPA (Certified Exit Planning Advisor of the Exit Planning Institute), Senior Management Program at the IAE; Managing Professional Service Firms at Harvard, Boston, USA. Business Consultant, Independent Board Advisor, Owners Business. Certified Professional Coach. Business Owner Coach. Company Professionalization. Specialist in “increasing the value of Companies” and assisting their owners for them to have the best alternatives and preparation for when they want to leave their company. Exhibitor in Vistage Groups. Founder of Seidor Crystalis in Argentina and in the LATAM region. Regional General Manager and President of Several Group Companies up to 2011, with offices in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and USA. Previously a Partner of BDO Argentina. Began professional experience at Arthur Anderesen, Pistrelli Díaz and Asoc.

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Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA)

Certified Exit Planning Advisor at the Exit Planning Institute in the USA. In order to receive the CEPA Certification, he completed an intensive, rigorous and face-to-face program consisting of approximately 100 hours of pre-course study, with class attendance, and then successfully completed a three-hour exam under supervision.

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